OUR Board

Our Board


The Board of IOD (K) comprises Duncan Watta ,Allen Ndungu ,CPS Celestine Otieno ,Henry Kiema ,Dr. Peter Muthoka ,CPS Margaret Chege ,CPA Lucy Munjuga ,
Duncan Watta

Mr. Watta is an engineering graduate with several
years of diversified...

Allen Ndungu

Allen is a Non-Executive Director at the Institute
of Directors (IOD)...

CPS Celestine Otieno

Mrs Otieno is a Corporate and Commercial Law
Practitioner who has...

Henry Kiema

Mr. Henry I. Kiema joined the board in
2014 and serves...

Dr. Peter Muthoka

Dr. Peter Wanyaga Muthoka was appointed by His
Excellency, the President...

CPS Margaret Chege

CPS Margaret Chege is an accomplished administrator with
over 15years of...

CPA Lucy Munjuga

CPA Lucy Munjuga is an accomplished Accounting and
Business Administration professional...

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