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Audit Committees Seminar; Continuing Development Course for Directors

  • 21st Feb 2018 to: 23rd Feb 2018

To discharge their responsibilities effectively, audit committee members must understand the requirements of their enhanced role and then deliver and report on them. To achieve this they will need to know how to manage key relationships with the board, with internal and external audit, and with other providers of assurance.

Learning Objectives

To gain an understanding on current emerging issues for Audit Committees:

  1. Governance cycles and trends
  2. Guidelines and regulations for various sectors.
  3. Whistle blowing guidelines and arrangements.
  4. Enterprise risk management, emerging trends and practices
  5. Opportunities to improve on the committees’ effectiveness


Training Focus

This 3-day program explores the complex issues faced by today’s boards in relation to Audit Risk Management. In particular we shall seek to address some of the following issues

  1. Role of Audit Committees.
  2. The changing role of the audit committees; the legal framework for Audit Committees.
  3. Transformational leadership. & HUMAN RESOURCE ADVISORY SERVICES
  4. Organization of the Audit Committee
  • The Charter
  • Committee independence and membership; Member skills and training
  • Reviews and briefings; Committee meetings and reports
  • Members compensation and benefits
  1. Oversight responsibility for financial reporting
    • Risk & Controls
    • Financial reporting
  2. The pillars of Internal Auditing
  3. Communicating and reporting
    • Working with management
    • Reporting to Boards & Shareholders
  4. Maintaining and measuring effectiveness
    • Evaluating performance; Work program and self-assessment guide.


Target Group


Directors , Chief Executives and other Senior Managers


The seminar fees include: Conference, facilitation and certification fees. Members of the Institute of Directors (Kenya) are entitled to 7.5% discount. The fee is payable in advance one week before the training date.


Kindly fill in the seminar nomination/registration form and send it to:
The Business Development Officer
Institute of Directors (Kenya)
All Africa Conference of Churches
(+254) 0718-759 918/0718-759 906/0721579956


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