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The Exceptional Chairman Seminar; Strategic Leadership insights for Chairmen

  • 26th Jul 2018 to: 27th Jul 2018

This program provides an insight on the special skills and leadership foresight required by the Chairman of the board in blending together the talents and skills of the board members in a way that will contribute to the overall progress of the organisation and development of appropriate skills in providing a ,”bridge,” between the Board and Management.

Key Focus areas

This program will cover the following key areas:

  1. The special roles, functions and responsibilities of the chairperson.
  2. Skills, competencies and essential qualities of an excellent chairperson.
  3. The concept of strategic leadership and the chairman’s role.
  4. Strategic thinking; a new approach for corporate success.
  5. Blue and red ocean strategies.
  6. The key principles of chairing and leading the committee.
  7. Committee conflict management and resolution techniques.
  8. Providing a “bridge” between the committee and the board.

Target Group

  1. Board Chairpersons in public and private corporations.
  2. Chairpersons of commissions.
  3. Chairpersons of County Service Boards.

Members of the Institute are entitled to a 12.5% discount. The seminar fees should be made a week prior to the training as we will not be able to confirm your seat at the seminar without pre-payment.

Kindly fill in the seminar nomination/registration form and send it to:
The Institute of Directors (Kenya)
All Africa Conference of Churches
(+254) 0718-759 918/0721579956

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