Rfp: A Skills & Comp

Rfp: A Skills & Comp


Request for Proposals

A Skills & Competence Needs Assessment

1.0. Brief Background

The Institute of Directors (Kenya) is a professional organization of individual Directors, senior managers and corporate organizations committed to the professional practice of directorship in Kenya. The Vision of the Institute is to champion director professionalism and development through good corporate governance for the benefit of organizations, stakeholders and the prosperity of Kenya.

The IOD (K) continually provides an array of services guaranteed to add value to the careers and work of professional directors. In this regard, the Institute is devoted to the growth and development of a professional staff compliment that will be able to drive the long term goals and aspirations of the Institute. It is against this background that the board decided that a skills and competence needs assessment should be undertaken for each of the 7 staff members.

2.0. Objectives

The overall objective is to conduct an in-depth skills and competence needs assessment of all IoD Kenya staff members. During the assessment, the consultant will meet with each IoD Kenya staff member and will develop a series of recommendations and deliverables, guided by the Terms of Reference.

3.0. Terms of Reference for a Skills & Competence Needs Assessment.

Undertake the following;

1. A skills and competence needs assessment to establish competence levels;

2. Recommend intervention programs for each staff member;

3. Develop a monitoring & evaluation framework;

4. Review & revise [as necessary] current Job Descriptions;

5. Develop key performance targets;

6. Desk review of current HR Policies & Procedures and make necessary recommendations;

7. Make other recommendations as may be necessary.

After compiling this information and meeting with relevant stakeholders, the consultant will develop a detailed Skills & Competence Needs Assessment Report for each IoD Kenya staff member.

The consultant will thereafter analyze information gathered to develop a detailed list of recommendations and a proposed staff development plan for each staff member.

4.0. Deliverables

1. Within TWO working days, present a work plan to the Finance & Admin Committee [sub Committee], to include a proposed timeline and schedule of interviews;

2. At the conclusion of the assignment, present a draft report [to the Sub Committee] that addresses deliverables listed in 3.0 ABOVE.

5.0. Timing

The consultant will complete this assignment and submit the final reports within 14 work days.

6.0. Time Line / Due Dates

a. RFP Release Date Date 6th April 2018

b. RFP Questions Deadline Date 10th April 2018

c. Contractor Proposal Due to IoDK Date & Time Friday 20th April 2018 at 5pm.

d. Notice of Award Released 5th May 2018 (only successful bidders)

e. Interim meetings with IoDK To Be Determined

f. Draft document submitted to IoDK To Be Determined

g. Final document submitted in hard copy to IoDK To Be Determined

h. Contractor presentation of final report to F&A Committee To Be Determined

7.0. Inquiries

Questions regarding this RFP are to be submitted to mjoram@iodkenya.co.ke with “A Skills & Competence Needs Assessment ” in the subject line. Questions regarding this RFP will only be accepted by email. The deadline for questions is provided in Section 6.0 above.

8.0. Information Required With Proposal

Proposals must include:

a. Introduction of Contractor summarizing company’s background, resources and relevant experience.

b. Examples of past projects, preferable of a similar size and scope.

c. References from at least three (3) past projects, preferably matching those projects used as examples in B above.

d. Proposed budget for the project. Budget should include a suggested work plan and a breakdown of fees for professional services, hours, and administrative services.

e. Proposed schedule for the project, including project stages, milestones and payments.

f. A list of personnel on the project team and any possible sub-contractors and sub- consultants, their bios, and their roles.

g. Identify the Project Leader as the main point of contact – name, title, phone and email address must be included.

h. The proposal shall be submitted on letter size paper. Each page shall be numbered and have the name of the company on it.

9.0. Award of Contract

Award of the contract resulting from this RFP will be based upon the most responsive contractor whose offer will be the most advantageous to IoDK in terms of cost, functionality, experience, quality of past work, and other factors as specified elsewhere in this RFP.

a. IoDK reserves the right to:

1. Consider proposals based on their relative merit, risk, and values to the organization;

2 . Negotiate with all service providers;

3. Reject any or all offers and discontinue this RFP process without obligation or liability to any potential contractor, when it is in the IoDK’s best interest;

4. Accept other than the lowest priced offer.


b. Proposals received shall be judged by IoDK solely on the following selection criteria:

1. Contractor’s understanding of IoDK’s mission and the scope of this project; [30 points]

2. Proposed price of the entire project; [20 points]

3. Expected timeline for completing the project; [20 points]

4. Contractor’s demonstrated experience in similar projects for both corporate audiences and non-profit organizations. [30 points]


c. Proposals will be evaluated upon the contractor’s responsiveness to the RFP and the total price quoted for all items covered by the RFP. The successful contractor may be asked to participate in negotiations and may be asked to make revisions to their proposal based on their negotiations. In submitting a proposal, each contractor acknowledges that they have read and understand these requirements.

10. Confidentiality

All information presented in this RFP, including information subsequently disclosed by IoDK during the proposal process, shall be considered confidential and should not be released to outside parties. This document represents a request for proposal only and in no way should be construed as a contract or letter of intent.



To The Chief Executive Officer

For the Finance & Admin Committee

Institute of Directors (Kenya),

All Africa Conference of Churches,

Off Waiyaki Way, Nairobi, Kenya,



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